Glass bottle business

Specializing in the manufacture of small- and medium-sized containers used for foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., we regard glass bottles as a part of a culture that should be passed down to future generations, and continue to elaborately manufacture glass bottles one by one.
We will deliver our customers' important products (values) to the world by packing them in glass bottles featuring reliable quality and high sealing performance.

800 small- and medium-sized glass bottles

As a manufacturer specialized in small- and medium-sized glass bottles, we can manufacture more than 800 different kinds of glass bottles.

Controlling the entire production line in-house

As a one-stop shop for planning, design, manufacturing, inspection, and shipping, we are a glass container manufacturer that can quickly and flexibly response.

Excellent technologies

Small glass bottles especially require sophisticated technology for temperature control. By leveraging technologies that have been accumulated over our long history as a manufacturer, we can maintain constant quality.

Preform business

Preform is an intermediate form of a PET bottle shaped like a test tube. By blowing heated air into the preform, a PET bottle is made.
We aim to contribute to society by pursuing higher quality by leveraging the superiority and characteristics of preform as a packaging material different from glass.

High quality

Molded preforms are visually inspected and shipped. We constantly produce high-quality products through daily quality inspection.

Quick delivery

We manufacture preforms 24 hours a day to meet customers’ needs and realize quick delivery.

Stable supply

Through close cooperation with customers, we ensure stable supply.

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