Environmental Information

Environmental Policy

Basic Policy

Dai-ichi Glass Co., Ltd. contributes to society by manufacturing and selling containers made of glass, an excellent material that matches the needs of a circular society.

In our business activities, as a manufacturer specializing in small- and medium-sized bottles, Dai-ichi Glass strives for continuous improvement of the environment and prevention of pollution based on the philosophy of "taking advantage of the superiority and properties of environmentally friendly materials and actively promoting the effective use of resources".

Action Policy

  1. Dai-ichi Glass shall comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which it agrees.
  2. Dai-ichi Glass shall set objectives and targets for the reduction of various environmental impacts, review them periodically, and strive to achieve them.
  3. Dai-ichi Glass shall always be aware of the impact of its business activities on the environment and promote continuous improvement activities with the participation of all employees in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. Dai-ichi Glass shall strive to promote resource and energy conservation and recycling of resources in the manufacture and sale of glass bottles.
  5. Dai-ichi Glass shall promptly disclose this Environmental Policy when requested by external parties and endeavor to gain the understanding of society.

Revised on July 25, 2017
Dai-ichi Glass Co., Ltd.
Masayuki Hasegawa
President and Representative Director

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Environmental Activities

ISO 14001 Initiatives

Our objectives and initiatives are as follows: Participation of all employees in environment improvement activities

Reduced use of energy (1% reduction in specific energy consumption from the previous year)
Reduced use of resources Effective use of resources
Prevention of environmental pollution Prevention of air pollution
Prevention of water pollution
Prevention of noise
Exhaust gas cleaning
Resource recycling Reduction of waste emissions

List of Renewable Energy Facilities Installed

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Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of our business activities in FY 2022 is as follows:

Overview of Environmental Impact of Production Activities


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Energy YoY Water YoY
Purchased electricity 26,969Mwh 97.3% Clean water 3,681m3 94.8%
Utility gas 10,073,000m3 85.8% Industrial water 21,525m3 104.6%
Heavy oil 1,636KL Well water 39,896m3 100.9%
Production volume YoY
46,692 tons 100.3%
451,350,000 bottles 97.7%

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Waste 305 tons 89.6% Waste water
Industrial waste 153 tons 107.7% Amount of waste water 45,878 tons 98.8%
Industrial waste subject to special control 8 tons 107.7% Greenhouse gas
General waste 25 tons 96.2% Emissions converted to CO2 39,075 tons 95.4%
Amount of recyclable resources 119 tons 71.3%
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